Our operation & maintenance team members have extensive experience in operation, maintenance, pre-commissioning and start-up of gas plants, production platforms, and power plants.

They have hands on experience in

  • Carrying out Preventive and break down maintenance of rotary and static equipment, instrumentation, electrical and piping.
  • Implementing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and maintenance strategy over a period of 2 years
  • Planning and maintaining inventory of spares, consumables.
  • Conducting Safety Audits, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL, QRA, FMEA, What-if, LOPA, Process optimisation studies.
  • Plant pre-commissioning & start-up/commissioning

They are

  • Experts in plant startup, commissioning & pre-commissioning activities, trouble shooting and process optimization
  • Well versed with HAZOP, HAZID, SIL/LOPA, QRA, ALARP Framework, Safety audits
  • Trained for implementation of permit to work system, safe isolations- LOTO
  • Qualified certificate holder from NIBOSH in “Management of International Oil & Gas Operational Safety”
  • Hardworking and courteous

They have operated and maintained

  • Solar Gas Turbine & Kawasaki Compressor (Capacity: 3 x  7.5 MMSCMD)
  • Hispano-Suiza Gas Turbine & Kawasaki Comp (Capacity: 3 x 2.5 MMSCMD)
  • GE-Nuovo Pignone Gas Compressors (Capacity: 33 MMSCMD)
  • Siemens Gas Turbine & Siemens Compressor (Capacity: 2 x 2 MMSCMD)
  • Siemens Gas Turbine & Siemens Compressor (Capacity: 3 x 5 MMSCMD)
  • Mitsui Engineering HP Gas compressor (Capacity: 2 x 0.4 MMSCMD)
  • GE & Alstom make Gas Turbines (Capacity: 30 & 52 MW);
  • Condensing & Back Pressure Type Steam turbines (Capacity: 52 & 12 MW)
  • AFBC Coal Fired Boilers (Capacity: 110 TPH)
  • HRSG (Capacity: 54 TPH)
  • Siemens RGT Gas Turbine & GEC Generator (Capacity: 3 x 2848 KW)
  • Siemens EGT Gas Turbine & GEC-Alstom Generator (Capacity: 1 x 2848 KW)
  • Solar GT Centaur 40 & GEC-Alstom Generator (Capacity: 3 x 2808 KW)
  • GE Jenbacher & Schmitt Enertec make Gas engine Generators (Capacity: 1 & 0.5 MW)
  • Diesel Engine Driven Cranes (Various capacities)
  • Different makes of Diesel Generators (Max. Capacity: 125, 250, 500 & 750 KW)
  • Diesel Fire Water Pumps (Capacity : 4 X 846 m3/hr)

If you don’t understand how to run an efficient operation, new machinery will just give you new problems of operation and maintenance. The sure way to increase productivity is to better administrate man and machine.

You can make a lot of mistakes and still recover if you run an efficient operation. Or you can be brilliant and still go out of business if you’re too inefficient.